AWS DevOps

  • AWS is that the best cloud service provider and DevOps is that the implementation of the software development lifecycle.
 AWS DevOps

AWS DevOps

Here are some reasons which make AWS DevOps a highly popular combination, such as:

  • AWS CloudFormation
  • AWS EC2
  • AWS CloudWatch
  • AWS CodePipeline

AWS CloudFormation

  • DevOps team is required to make and release cloud instances and services more frequently as compared to development teams.
  • Templates of AWS resources like EC2 instances, ECS containers, and S3 storage buckets, allow you to set up the whole stack without having to bring everything together.

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  • You can run containers inside EC2 instances. Hence you'll leverage the AWS security and management features.

AWS CloudWatch

  • This monitoring tool tracks every resource that AWS has to offer.
  • It makes it easy to use third-party tools for monitoring like sumo logic etc.

AWS CodePipeline

  • Code Pipeline is an important feature from AWS, which highly simplifies the way you manage your CI/CD toolset.
  • It integrates with tools like Jenkins , GitHub and CodeDeploy that enable you to visually control the flow of app updates from build to production.

What is DevOps tooling ?

  • DevOps Tooling by AWS. AWS provides services that help you practice DevOps at your company which are built first to be used with AWS.
  • These tools automate manual tasks, help teams manage complex environments at scale, and keep engineers in control of the high velocity that's enabled by DevOps.
  • Implementing DevOps in AWS is serious work, but it'd not be the daunting task it seems. AWS supports DevOps efforts by providing services to create, store and deploy applications.
  • DevOps features are accessible in AWS, continuous integration and continuous delivery chief among them.
  • There are many tools available in AWS which will help with DevOps, including CodeDeploy, CodePipeline and CodeCommit.
  • There's also Amazon CloudWatch, which is critical for monitoring. Most organizations should employ a proof-of-concept use of the DevOps model and therefore the technology to demonstrate that it are often integrated with existing development, testing, deployment and operations processes.
  • IT teams got to know whether DevOps is acceptable for their organizations, especially if they need applications within the public cloud.
  • Effectively employing DevOps allows a business to understand numerous efficiency-related benefits.

Why AWS for DevOps ?

 Why AWS for DevOps

Why AWS for DevOps

Get Started Fast

  • Each AWS service is prepared to use if you've got an AWS account. There's no setup required or software install.

Fully Managed Services

  • These services can help you take advantage of AWS resources quicker. You'll worry less about fixing, installing, and operating infrastructure on your own. This allows you to specialize in your core product.

Built for Scale

  • You can manage one instance or scale to thousands using AWS services. These services help you make the foremost of flexible compute resources by simplifying provisioning, configuration, and scaling.


  • You have the choice to use each service via the AWS instruction Interface or through APIs and SDKs. you'll also model and provision AWS resources and your entire AWS infrastructure using declarative AWS CloudFormation templates.


  • AWS helps you employ automation so you'll build faster and more efficiently. Using AWS services, you'll automate manual tasks or processes like deployments, development & test workflows, container management, and configuration management.


  • Use AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) to line user permissions and policies. This provides you granular control over who can access your resources and the way they access those resources.

Large Partner Ecosystem

  • AWS supports an outsized ecosystem of partners which integrate with and extend AWS services. Use your preferred third-party and open source tools with AWS to create an end-to-end solution.


  • With AWS purchase services as you would like them and only for the period once you decide to use them. AWS pricing has no upfront fees, termination penalties, or long term contracts. The AWS Free Tier helps you start with AWS.

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