GDB Commands

GDB Commands

  • GDB is a command-line tool. It offers a big list of commands.
 Gdb Command

Gdb Command

So, we have to learn about the commands of GDB before learn about how to use the GDB however the following commands are the ones used most frequently:

  • b main - Puts a breakpoint at the beginning of the program.
  • b - Puts a breakpoint at the current line.
  • b N - Puts a breakpoint at line N.
  • b +N - Puts a breakpoint N lines down from the current line.
  • b fn - Puts a breakpoint at the beginning of function "fn".
  • d N - Deletes breakpoint number N.
  • info break - list breakpoints.
  • r - Runs the program until a breakpoint or error.
  • c - Continues running the program until the next breakpoint or error.
  • f - Runs until the current function is finished.
  • s - Runs the next line of the program.
  • s N - Runs the next N lines of the program.
  • n - Like s, but it does not step into functions.
  • u N - Runs until you get N lines in front of the current line.
  • p var - Prints the current value of the variable "var".
  • bt - Prints a stack trace.
  • u - Goes up a level in the stack.
  • d - Goes down a level in the stack.
  • q - Quits GDB.

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