Test Plan Template - Software Testing Tutorial

Test Plan Template

  • It is a document that describes the scope, approach, resources, and schedule of intended test activities.
  • Test Plan varies from company to company and from project to project but the objective of the test plan is the same.
Test Plan Template

Test Plan Template


  • Purpose of the software test plan is described here. If it is linked to other plans like project plan, master test plan then identify the plan which this belongs.


  • Identify the scope of this Software Test Plan in relation to the overall project plan that it relates to.

Test Plan Identifier

  • The test plan is a unique number or identifier to identify the test plan and the software that it relates to.

Reference Documents

  • Reference documents are the list of all the documents that support the test plan.
  • Refer the original documents that is stored in the configuration management systems.
  • Documents that could be referenced include
    • Project Plan
    • Requirements specifications
    • Test Strategy
    • High Level design document
    • Low Level design documents
    • Quality system process documents
    • Corporate standards and guidelines

Features to be Tested

  • A high level view of what needs to be tested from users view point of what the system does.
  • This is a high-level view of what is to be tested from the user’s viewpoint of what the system does.

Features not to be Tested

  • Sometimes it is important to state what needs to be tested instead of what is not to be tested.
  • This removes the ambiguity so that other project stakeholders are clear on what to expect from the testing phases.


  • Development and test phases are full of risks.
  • Active leads can be taken to manage the risks facing us.

Test Approach (Strategy)

  • Overall strategy that underpins the whole test plan is test approach.
  • A test approach asks, “how are you going to test the software?”

Test Environment

  • Test environment included the software being tested, related platform software, third party software, communications software etc.
  • For configuring the test environment, we should have resources which is required to install, and setup.

Human Resources

  • Test team members list is needed here.
  • We need to think about the specialism when assigning them work tasks.
  • Roles and Responsibilities need to be defined for them.

Human Resources

  • Test team members list is needed here.
  • We need to think about the specialism when assigning them work tasks.
  • Roles and Responsibilities need to be defined for them.


  • Roles and responsibilities have been reviewed for the test related personnel and there is skill gaps. So we need to decide the best steps to fill these gaps.

Management and Metrics

  • Who is going to manage the testing. Are different phases managed by different people.
  • Do we need to give the project metrics to the project manager.
  • As said above if project metrics need to be collected the list the metrics here and inform how and when we will construct the metrics and report them.

Test Estimation and Schedule

  • The duration of the testing schedule should have been estimated as a result of a team consensus. It can be useful to break test estimates down to a level that matches that in the related functional specifications or requirements.

Test Phase Entry, Exit and Suspension Criteria

  • In order that you can manage software stability and quality grade through successive test phases it is useful to plan for test phase Entry Exit and Suspension criteria.

Test Deliverables

  • Test deliverables are essentially the work products of the entire test regime. This may include:
    • Test estimates
    • Test schedules
    • Test Plan
    • Test Specification
    • Test Scripts
    • Test DataTest tools, harnesses, stubs, etc
    • Test execution results
    • Test Reports
    • Issue Logs
    • Lessons to be learned
    • Test Risk Register
    • Test Training plans

Note: Click Here to Download the Sample Test Plan Template.

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