What is Ext JS?

What is Ext JS

  • Ext JS is a powerful application development platform based on JavaScript
  • It has created on data-intensive HTML 5 applications by using the JavaScript and framework allows creating with an enterprise application user experience with the help of JavaScript, without writing the code of CSS or HTML 5.
  • It provides a rich set of UI for creating web applications with cross-browser functionality.
  • Ext JS is widely used for creating the desktop application.
 Modern Browsers

Modern Browsers

  • There are compatible with all modern browsers such as Firefox, Chrome, Safari 6+, and Opera 12+.
  • Ext JS includes built-in themes and UI components, it reduce the development of time and boost productivity.
    • Sencha Touch: A high-performance HTML5 framework used for developing mobile applications.
    • Sencha GXT: The most robust approach to develop rich web-based applications with the help of Java.
    • Ext JS: A framework used to develop web applications by using HTML5 and JavaScript.

Advantages of Ext JS



  • The MVC (Model View Controller) architecture that helps to us makes the code more readable.
  • It provides a collection of widgets for creating a powerful UI (User Interface).
  • It helps to reduce the development cost.
  • The streamlines cross-platform development across smartphones, tablets and desktops.
  • It Increases the productivity of development by integrating into enterprise development environments through IDE plugins.

Disadvantages of Ext JS

  • This library file slows the application and increases the loading time because it has a high size of 500 kb.
  • Debugging is not very easy. Only GWT has bit better debugging in hosted mode among javascript frameworks.
  • This is free for open-source applications but paid for commercial purposes.
  • A sometimes simple thing to need codes, but it is easier in JQuery or plain Html.

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