MathML Subscript

  • Subscript is created with <msub> tag. It is used to attach a subscript to an expression.


<msub> base subscript </msub>

For Example

To write X1

Equivalent MathML Code

<math xmlns=”” display='block' >  


 Mathml Subscript Output

Mathml Subscript Output

Attributes of Subscript Element



Read Also

Index Attribute Description
1 class, id, style It is provided to be used with stylesheets.
2 href It is wont to set a hyperlink to a specified uri.
3 mathbackground It specifies background color. you'll use #rgb, #rrggbb and html color names.
4 mathcolor It specifies the text color. you'll use #rgb, #rrggbb and html color names.
5 subscriptshift It specifies minimum space by which to shift subscript below the baseline of expression, as a length value.

Supporting Browsers

<msub> No No Yes No Only Basic Support

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