MathML Underscript

  • Underscript is created with the <munder> tag. It attaches an accent or limit under an expression.
 Mathml Underscript

Mathml Underscript


<munder> base underscript </munder>  


  • To write the following expression

Equivalent MathML Code

<math xmlns=<> display='block' >  
<munder accentunder="true">  
    <mi> x </mi>  
    <mo> + </mo>  
    <mi> y </mi>  
    <mo> + </mo>  
    <mi> z </mi>  
  <mo> ⏟  </mo>  


 Mathml Underscriptout

Mathml Underscriptoutput

Attributes of Underscript Element

Index Attribute Description
1 accentunder If it's set true, the element is an accent, which is drawn closer to the bottom expression. If false (default value), the element may be a limit under the base expression.
2 align It specifies the alignment of the underscript. Its possible values are: left, center, and right.
3 class, id, style These are used with stylesheets.
4 href It is wont to set a hyperlink to a specified URI.
5 mathbackground It is wont to specify background color. You'll use #rgb, #rrggbb and html color names.
6 mathcolor It is wont to set text color. You'll use #rgb, #rrggbb and html color names.

Supporting Browsers

<munder> No No Yes No Only Basic Support

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