Motor Control Robots with Voltage Regulator - What is Diode ?


      • A diode is a dedicated electronic component with two electrodes called the anode and the cathode.
      • Most diodes are made up of semiconductor materials such as silicon, germanium, or selenium.
      • Some diodes are contained of metal electrodes in a chamber evacuated or filled with a pure elemental gas at low pressure.
      • Diodes can be used as rectifiers, signal limiters, voltage regulators, switches, signal modulators, signal mixers, signal demodulators, and oscillators.

      Types of Diodes

        • Normal Diodes
        • Light-Emitting Diodes (LEDs!)
        • Schottky Diodes
        • Zener Diodes
        • Photodiodes
         Types of Diode

        Types of Diode

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