Data Mining tools

  • Data Mining tools have objective of discovering patterns/trends/groupings on large sets of data and transforming data into more refined information.

The Most Popular Data Mining Tools are:

 DataMining Tools2

Data Mining Tools

Orange Data Mining:

  • This tool is a perfect machine learning and data mining software suite. It supports the visualization and may be a software-based on components written in Python computing language and developed at the bioinformatics laboratory at the faculty of computer and information science, Ljubljana University, Slovenia.
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Orange Data Mining

Significant functionalities such as:

  • Data reading
  • Displaying data table and allowing to select features
  • Data element visualization, etc.
  • Training predictors and comparison of learning algorithms

Why Orange?

  • Orange allows users to make smarter decisions in a short time rapidly comparing and analyzing the data. Orange quite interesting to users. A good open-source data visualization as well as evaluation that concerns beginners and professionals. This is also used as a python library.
  • Orange can read documents in native and other data formats. Orange dedicated to machine learning techniques for classification or supervised data mining.

SAS Data Mining

  • It is a product of SAS(Statistical Analysis System) Institute created for analytics and data management.
  • SAS distributed memory processing architecture that is highly scalable.
  • It is suitable for data mining, optimization and text mining purposes.
  • It offers a graphical UI for non-technical users.
 DataMining Tools5

SAS Data Mining

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DataMelt Data Mining

  • DMelt is a multi-platform utility written in JAVA.
  • It consists of Science(Scientific libraries are used for drawing the 2D/3D plots.) and mathematics(Mathematical libraries are used for random number generation, algorithms, curve fitting, etc.) libraries.
 DataMining Tools6

DataMelt Data Mining

  • DataMelt is a computation and visualization environment.
  • DMelt can be used for the analysis of the large volume of data, data mining, and statistical analysis.


  • Rattle exposes the statical power of R by offering significant data mining features. Rattle gives other options to review a code, use it for many purposes, and extend the code without any restriction.
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Rapid Miner

 DataMining Tools8

Rapid Miner

  • It is written in JAVA programming language.
  • It offers an integrated environment for text mining.
  • Rapid Miner is one of the most popular predictive analysis and it can be used for a wide range of applications
  • Rapid Miner comes with template-based frameworks that enable fast delivery

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