Social Media Data Mining

  • This platform gives freedom to its users to connect with their target group easily and fantastically. A group or an established business, both face difficulties in standing up with the competitive social media industry. Through the social media platform, users can market or develop his/her brand or content with others.
  • Many problems arising from social media data presents fundamental concepts, emerging issues, effective algorithms for data mining, and network analysis. It includes multiple degrees difficulty enhance knowledge help in applying ideas, principles, and techniques in distinct social media mining situations.
 Social Media Mining2
  • Social media platforms include many fields of study, such as sociology, business, psychology, entertainment, politics, news, other cultural aspects of societies. Applying data mining social media can provide exciting views human behavior and human interaction.
 Social Media Mining3

Effect on Time

  • Social computing involves application used for interpersonal communication as well as application and research activities related to "computational social studies" or Social behavior."
  • Social computing is defined as "Any computing application where software is used as an intermediary or Centre for a social relationship."
Category Examples
Blogs Blogger, LiveJournal, WordPress
Social news Digg, Slashdot
Social bookmarking Delicious, StumbleUpon
Microblogs Twitter, GoogleBuzz
Opinion mining Epinions, Yelp
Photo and video sharing Flickr, YouTube
Wikis Scholarpedia, Wikihow, Wikipedia, Event
  • The growth and number of users on social media platforms are incredible. For eg, consider most tempting social media networking site, Facebook. Facebook reached over 400 million active users during the first six years of operation, has been growing exponentially.

Motivations for Data Mining in Social Media

  • Social media records viral marketing trends efficiently and is ideal source to understand better and leverage influence mechanisms.
  • Digital media can transform the physical world limitations to study human relationships and help to measure popular social and political beliefs to the regional community without specific studies.
  • Social media data sets is large.
  • Social media site's data sets can be noisy.
  • Data from online social media platforms are dynamic, regular modifications and updates a short period are not common.

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