What is Python Openpyxl

Python Openpyxl

 Openpyxl Introduction

Openpyxl Introduction

  • Python provides the Openpyxl module, which is used to affect Excel files without involving third-party Microsoft application software.
  • By using this module, we will have control over excel without open the appliance.
  • It's used to perform excel tasks like read data from excel file, or write data to the excel file, draw some charts, accessing excel sheet, renaming sheet, modification (adding and deleting) in excel sheet, formatting, styling within the sheet, and the other task.
  • Openpyxl is extremely efficient to perform these tasks for you.
  • Data scientists often use the Openpyxl to perform different operations like data copying to data mining also as data analysis.
 Openpyxl perform

Openpyxl Perform

Openpyxl Working Process

  • The Openpyxl library is employed to write down or read the info within the excel file and lots of other tasks.
  • An excel file that we use for operation is called Workbook that contains a minimum of 1 Sheet and a maximum of tens of sheets.
  • Sheets contains Rows (horizontal series) ranging from 1 and Columns (vertical series) ranging from A.
  • Row and column together make a grid and form a cell which will store some data. Data are often of any type, like numeric, string.
  • Openpyxl provides flexibility to read data from the individual cell or write data to it.
 Openpyxl Working Process

Openpyxl Working Process

Installation of Openpyxl

  • Use Openpyxl, one should have Python 3.7 and openpyxl 2.6.2 installed within the system.
  • Start working with openpyxl by installing openpyxl using the following command:
    • pip install Openpyxl
 Openpyxl Installation

Openpyxl Installation

The xlsx is that the extension of the XML spreadsheet file. The xlsx file supports macros. Let's understand the essential operation related to the excel file.

Sample Code

from openpyxl import Workbook  
import time  

wb = Workbook()  
sheet = wb.active

sheet['A1'] = 618 
sheet['A2'] = "Wikitechy"  
sheet['A3'] = 30.15  
sheet['A4'] = 18  
now = time.strftime("%x")  
sheet['A5'] = now    


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