Advantages and Disadvantages of Social Media Marketing

Advantages of Social Media Marketing

  • As we all know that social media marketing is a super way for us to grow our business. It's a platform, which is employed by Businessmen, students, Private organizations, and Government organizations.


1. Increase Brand Awareness

  • Brand awareness is one among the foremost important advantages of social media marketing.
  • Social media marketing uses various social media platforms to conscious of the audience associated with a specific product, company, and website.

2. Generates more inbound traffic on websites

  • If we don't use social media marketing, then we will only reach our regular customers, but once we use social media marketing, then we are ready to reach many customers easily.
  • Social Media Marketing also helps us to get more inbound traffic on our websites.
  • As we all know , getting more traffic on websites or blogs helps us to earn money.

3. Helps us to succeed in an outsized audience

  • Social media marketing uses social media platforms to attach with many active audiences, so social media may be a great opportunity for us to succeed in the audience who have an interest in our products and services.
  • The percentage rate of U.S audience who use social media platforms are given below -

4. Improve Brand Loyalty & Customer engagement

  • According to the research, online marketing engages with the many customers on the social media platform and luxuriate in better brand loyalty from their audience through social media marketing.
  • Marketers generally follow the subsequent three steps to enhance brand loyalty
    • Listen to Customers
    • Promote Customers Reviews
    • Think like your customer
SMM Steps

5. Makes our customers Up-To-Date

  • Social media marketing offers the simplest thanks to make our customers updated about the discharge of latest products, services, or upcoming events. latest customers generally take more interest in your website and businesses.

6. Cost-efficient

  • Social Media Marketing is cost-effective because creating a replacement user profile, and signing is free for nearly every social media marketing platform.

7. Improve program Ranking

  • Sharing posts on social media helps the audience to succeed in our website, which is extremely important for the success of our website to extend the traffic and make backlinks.
  • consistent with program Optimization Techniques, Backlinks are more important for us to enhance the program ranking. When both traffic and backlinks increase on our website, then our website will appear at the highest rank of an enquiry engine, which helps us to grow our business faster. You can also create quality backlinks by using the best free press release sites for better ranking.

8. Faster and Easier Communication

  • Social Media Marketing completely changes the way of communication with the audience.
  • Now, quite 2.8 billion users use social media marketing platforms to speak with marketers.
  • Social Media platforms help customers to succeed in marketers easily and share their requirements with them that what they really want.

Disadvantages of Social Media Marketing

Although there's no shortage of social media marketing, there are definitely some risks in it. If you usually shared positive comments and post relevant and informative content thereon , then you'll never have any problem with this.



1. Time-consuming

  • Time is that the major issue in social media marketing because every startup takes tons of your time to expand the business.

2. Receives feedback from the audience

  • The audience shares both their positive and negative experience within the social media platform, which is visible to all or any other audiences.

3. Needs qualified personnel

  • To specialise in business issues, we've to recruit qualified personnel to manage our business accounts and traffic. This suggests that we've to spend extra money to rent them.

4. Exposure to competitors

  • Social media marketing allows us to require research on our competitor's strategy. However, your competitors can still connect together with your business methodology through your social media marketing platform.

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