Social Media Marketing Tools

  • Social Media Marketing uses various social media management tools. An inventory of most ordinarily used social media marketing tools are given below:

1. SocialOomph



2. PostPlanner

  • PostPlanner is employed to schedule Facebook updates, which helps us to extend customer engagement on social media platforms.
  • Its beautiful features help marketers to need 60% more customer engagement than the other social media marketing tools.
  • In short, we will say that it's the simplest tool for those marketers who only want to extend their customer engagement.
  • The main advantage of using PostPlanner is that it allows us to pick the simplest content consistent with the star rating.
  • As we all know, better star rating brings more customer engagement.


3. Agorapulse

  • Agorapulse is that the best social marketing tool within the current market period. It mainly focuses on the audience, customer engagement, and brand awareness.
 agorapulse features

Agorapulse features

Social media inbox

  • Social media inbox helps us to see all social media updates. It's also used with email accounts to see regularly updated notifications and every one incoming messages within the inbox.

Publishing and scheduling

  • Publishing and scheduling is that the biggest feature of agorapulse. Using this, we will publish our posts on any network and schedule them.


  • Monitoring is employed to watch our social media platforms, create and search certain keywords on Twitter, and monitor hashtags on Instagram.


4. Chattypeople

  • Chattypeople is one among the foremost important social media marketing tools, which is employed to publish on-demand promotions and offers to our customers via Facebook.
  • Chattypeople is additionally compatible with Messengers. It's suitable for both small also as large organizations to make an easy chatbot for monetizing Facebook Ads and manage Customer Management System (CMS) automatically using AI.
  • The advantage of using Chattypeople is that it doesn't require the knowledge of coding to make a chatbot.
 cms platforms

CMS platforms

Chattypeople supports the subsequent CMS platforms:

  • Customer Support
  • EShop with Shopify
  • Food and restaurants
  • Campaign management
  • Delivery engine


5. Canva

  • Canva is one among the best-known social media marketing tools. it's available for free of charge to use. it's mostly wont to create images for social media posts.
  • It creates images by using multiple templates, fonts, and colours .


6. Buffer

  • Buffer is that the publishing tool, which helps us to publish content on social networks to extend the customer's engagement.
  • It works on various social media platforms like Facebook , Twitter , Instagram , Google+, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.
  • It's mainly designed for businesses to schedule social media posts, analyze performance, and manage their accounts in one place.
  • The advantage of using Buffer is that it integrates with Pablo, which helps us to simply create images and share with the audience to extend traffic and customer engagement.


7. Brand24

  • It is an easy , effective, and web-based social media marketing tool. It's wont to analyze keywords and monitors the length and breadth of the web for particular keywords.
  • We can select Brand24 using the subsequent plans
    • Personal Plus at $49
    • Professional Premium at $99
    • Professional Business at $499


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