Social Media Marketing Strategy

Social Media Marketing Strategy

  • Social Media Marketing Strategy is all about the plan that each marketer executes to realize customer satisfaction and generates more leads.
 social media maeketung strategy

Social media marketing strategy

1. Set the objectives/goals

  • First, set the target that you simply want to realize using Social Media Marketing. generally , there are the subsequent 9 goals that each social media marketer wants to achieve :
    • Increase brand awareness
    • Generate new leads
    • Grow revenue by increasing sales or signups
    • Generate traffic to our website
    • Boost band engagement
    • Build a community round the business
    • Offers social customer services
    • Increase mentions within the press
    • Listen to conversations about your brand

2. Know everything about your audience

  • Once you define your objective, then realize your audience that what they need to ascertain on a social media platform, which sort of content they typically like and share.
  • This strategy helps you to understand about your potential fans, customers, and followers that you simply actually need to realize and wish.
  • There are the subsequent things that you simply should realize your audience.
    • Who are they ? (Example: their age, gender, location, interest, etc.)
    • In which field they're interested ? (Example: Entertainment, content, case studies, education, electronics, etc.)
    • In which social media platform, they're generally online ? (Example: Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and more)
    • How do they consume the content ? (Example: read social media posts, watch videos, etc.)

For example, Quite 75% of teenagers are on Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat.

3. Research the competition

  • Research your competitor's social medial marketing activity a day to succeed in the audience. Spend most of the time to research the subsequent questions.
    • Content are they publishing ?
    • In which platform they're most active ?
    • What hashtags do they use ?
    • What is the tone of their voice ?
    • What sort of communication they need with their target audience ?
    • How much time they typically spend on social media platforms ?

You can also conduct a competitive analysis to know what your competitors do to focus on the audience and expand their industry.

4. Select the proper social media platform for audience

  • We should need to analyze which social media platform is that the most precious for our business, which social media platform is that the best for our audience, and where our audience hags out.

5. Set brand guidelines

  • It is one among the foremost important steps for social media marketing strategy.
  • There are the subsequent social media marketing brand guidelines -
    • Brand voice
    • Use of emojis
    • Use of hashtags
    • Protocol on interacting with the audience
    • Banned words/topics


6. Build your initial presence

  • Building an initial presence includes a little introduction about your business, which mainly includes small business information, a couple of images, and our first post to focus on the audience.
 initial presence

Initial presence

  • There are the subsequent steps include within the stage of initial presence -
    • Enter business information - It includes an summary of your business, contact details, and link to your website.
    • Upload images - It includes a recognizable profile image like a logo. Always remember that image is meant within the proper size and liable for both desktop and mobile views.
    • Create your first post - It's the foremost visible page for your audience, so always create this page more interactive and good looking.
    • Follow your contacts - First, start following with those loyal customers who frequently like and follow your account and posts to grow your business.

7. Plan the sort of content that you simply want to share together with your audience

  • Content is one the foremost effective thanks to achieve our objectives on social media platforms, so always decide to share effective, valuable, informative, and high-quality content together with your audience.
 sort of contents

sort of contents

  • There are the subsequent various sorts of content are available on the social media platforms -
    • Photos
    • Videos
    • Graphics
    • Articles
    • Livestreams
    • Stories

8. Create a social media content calendar

  • A content calendar helps us to ascertain how frequently we are publishing content for our audience.

9. Run Advertisements on the social media platform to market your products and services

  • All social media platforms allow us to run various advertisements (paid also as unpaid) on social media to extend the dimensions of our business and audience.
 sort of ads

sort of ads

  • There are the subsequent sorts of ads that you simply run on the social media platform -
    • Storewide discounts - It allows the audience to pick and buy products also as services at a reduced price.
    • New product promotions - The most aim to run these ads is to aware the audience about newly released products.
    • New customer deals - It's designed to encourage the audience to get their products from your site.
    • Events/Webinar promotions - It's wont to invite the audience to hitch your events to extend their attention.

10. Test and evaluate your results

  • You can evaluate the utilization of a social media platform supported the subsequent parameter -
    • Followers/Likes - it's wont to analyze the dimensions of our social media audience.
    • Reach - It displays what percentage people seeing your social media posts.
    • Engagements - It shows the amount of Likes, comments, and shares that we received on our content.
    • Clicks - It shows the amount of clicks that we received on our post.

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