Products of UiPath

Products of UiPath

  • UiPath includes other products that provide different features and functionalities with the tool efficiently. The tool mainly offers the following three products.

UiPath Studio

  • UiPath studio may be a user-friendly interface within the tool that permits users to plan and style different automation processes visually with the help of diagrams.
  • A structural representation of particular tasks to be performed.

UiPath Robot

  • Once the process is designed, the next step is to execute an equivalent within the UiPath studio.
  • To execute the whole process, UiPath Robots are used to convert the processes into a task.
  • These robots are assign different steps and execute them within the same way as human but with none human intervention.
  • UiPath robots are designed automatically to start executing tasks when an outlined activity occurs on the machine.

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UiPath Orchestrator

  • The Orchestrator may be a web-based application.
  • It provides options to deploy, monitor, schedule, and control software bots and processes.
  • It’s a centralized platform used to control/manage all software bots.
 Products of Uipath

Products of Uipath

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