UiPath Features

UiPath Features

UiPath has several features and functionalities, such as:

 Uipath Features

Uipath Features

Hosting Options

  • UiPath is easily hosted on cloud environments and virtual terminals, making this tool flexible with cloud platforms.

Application Compatibility

  • Compatibility with web and desktop applications, UiPath supports a good range of applications and activities. Having both web and desktop applications include more benefits for automation.

Centralized Repository

  • Multiple users can handle or control software robots simultaneously.

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  • Security is most important features of UiPath. UiPath has included many security measures and continuously adding more through frequent updates:
  • UiPath includes settings for account lockout that protects users from brute force attacks.
  • If the user logs in across different machines, the tool will automatically detect and end the previous login session. It means the same login credentials can stay active during a single system at a time, which increases security.
  • UiPath restricts the auto-submission of data across web browsers for all of the orchestrator credentials input boxes. This feature protects user data and improves overall security.
  • UiPath has implemented to execute tasks within the background. This will hide the execution from the screen and executes the tasks silently.

Advanced Screen Scraping Solution

  • UiPath has advanced feature like Java, SAP, .Net, Flash, PDF, etc. It users can achieve maximum possible accuracy than other automation tools present in the market.

Reliable tool for Modeling Business Processes

  • UiPath offers several reliable tools to extend automation capabilities and excellence with model business processes.

Scalability and Robustness

  • The tool is robust and scalable and comes with:
    • Efficient and effective debugging support and exception handling systems.
    • Artificial intelligence handling for normal applications.

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