Workflow in UiPath

Workflow in UiPath

  • Set of multiple processes combined during a single task.
  • The workflow is executed within the same way as an individual task is executed in UiPath.
  • The activities of a workflow are extracted from the core activities pack that has basic activities required to design and develop automation tasks in UiPath.

The activities enable software robots to perform the following tasks:

 Work Flow

WorkFlow in Uipath

  • Recreate or automate human actions and activities, like working with mouse and keyboards, form-filling, extracting content or comparing data, etc.
  • Extracting data using OCR or Image recognition techniques in an automatic way.
  • Creating trigger-based actions and activities to be performed automatically on the machine.
  • Perform browser automation, web automation, interaction, and data-manipulation.
  • Work on data by obtaining more information from machines, like system logs or error logs, etc.
  • Performing other routine tasks on the machine just as how a person's would do while working on it.

Some of the important activities are tabulated below

Activity Syntax Action
For Each UiPath.Core.Activities.ForEach Used to Apply any specific activity or a set of multiple activities on each element of the component.
Check False UiPath.Core.Activities.CheckFalse Used to check whether an applied Boolean expression is False. Else, returns an error if not.
Continue UiPath.Core.Activities.Continue Used to skip current iteration inside the For Each loop.
Retry scope UiPath.Core.Activities.RetryScope Used to retry existing activities until the condition is found or an error is thrown.
Check True UiPath.core.Activities.CheckTrue Used to check whether an applied Boolean expression is True. Else, returns an error if not.
Break UiPath.Core.Activities.Break Used to perform Exit for current Each activity and move onto the next activity of the workflow.
Invoke Workflow File UiPath.Core.Activities.InvokeWorkflowFile Used to invoke workflow synchronously with or without arguments.
Invoke Workflow Interactive UiPath.Core.Activities.InvokeWorkflowInteractive Almost similar to the Invoke Workflow File activity, but provides an interactive session in Windows.

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