Cyber Attack - What is a Cyber Attack - Cyber Security Tutorial

What is Cyber Attack ?

  • A Cyber Attack is any attempt to gain unauthorized access to a computer, computing system or computer network with the intent to cause damage.
  • Cyber attacks aim to :
    •  Disable,
    • Disrupt,
    • Destroy or Control Computer Systems
    • Alter,
    • Block,
    • Delete
  • Manipulate or steal the data held within these systems. 
  • Any individual or group can launch a Cyber Attack from anywhere by using one or more various Attack strategies.
  •  People who carry out Cyber Attacks are generally regarded as Cyber Criminals
  •  Government-sponsored groups of computer experts also launch Cyber Attacks. They're identified as nation-state attackers

Who is behind Cyber Attacks ?

  • Criminal organizations, state actors and private persons can launch cyberattacks against enterprises. One way to classify cyberattack risks is by outsider versus insider threats.

Outsider threats

  • External cyber threats include
    • Organized criminals or criminal groups
    • Professional hackers, like state-sponsored actors
    • Amateur hackers, like hacktivists

Insider threats

  • Insider threats are users who have authorized and legitimate access to a company's assets and abuse them either deliberately or accidentally. They include:
    • Employees careless of security policies and procedures
    • Disgruntled current or former employees
    • Business partners, clients, contractors or suppliers with system access

How do cyber attacks work ?

  • Threat actors use various techniques to launch cyber attacks, depending in large part on whether they're attacking a targeted or an untargeted entity.

Untargeted Attack

  • Where the bad actors are trying to break into as many devices or systems as possible,
  • They generally look for vulnerabilities in software code that will enable them to gain access without being detected or blocked.
  • They might employ a Phishing Attack, emailing large numbers of people with Socially engineered messages crafted to entice recipients to click a link that will download malicious code.

Targeted Attack

  • The threat actors are going after a specific organization, and the methods used vary depending on the attack's objectives.
  • Hackers also use spear-phishing campaigns in a targeted attack, crafting emails to specific individuals
  • who, if they click included links, would download malicious software designed to subvert the organization's technology or the sensitive data it holds.

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