Cyber Security Tools

Cyber Security Tools

  • There are many different aspects of the cyber defense may need to be considered. Here are six essential tools and services that every organization needs to consider to ensure their cyber security is as strong as possible. They are:
 Cyber Security Tools

Cyber Security Tools


  • Firewall is the core of security tools, and it becomes one of the most important security tools. The firewalls are used to prevent unauthorized internet users from accessing private networks connected to the Internet. The firewall examines each message and blocks those messages that do not meet the specified security criteria.
  • The Firewall is very useful, but it has limitations also.

Antivirus Software

  • Antivirus software is a program which is designed to prevent, detect, and remove viruses and other malware attacks on the individual computer, networks, and IT systems.
  • It also protects our computers and networks from the variety of threats and viruses such as Trojan horses , worms , keyloggers , browser hijackers, rootkits, spyware , botnets , adware, and ransomware.

PKI Services

  • PKI stands for Public Key Infrastructure. This tool supports the distribution and identification of public encryption keys. It enables users and computer systems to securely exchange data over the internet and verify the identity of the other party.
  • PKI solve many numbers of cyber security problems and deserves a place in the organization security suite.

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PKI can also be used to:

  • Enable Multi-Factor Authentication and access control.
  • Create compliant, Trusted Digital Signatures.
  • Encrypt email communications and authenticate the sender's identity.
  • Digitally sign and protect the code.
  • Build identity and trust into IoT ecosystems.

Managed Detection and Response Service (MDR)

  • MDR is an advanced security service that provides threat hunting, threat intelligence, security monitoring, incident analysis, and incident response. It is a service that arises from the need for organizations (who has a lack of resources) to be more aware of risks and improve their ability to detect and respond to threats.
  • The managed detection and response has the following characteristics:
    • Managed detection and response is focused on threat detection, rather than compliance.
    • MDR relies heavily on security event management and advanced analytics.
    • While some automation is used, MDR also involves humans to monitor our network.
    • MDR service providers also perform incident validation and remote response.

Penetration Testing

  • Penetration testing, or pen-test, is an important way to evaluate our business's security systems and security of an IT infrastructure by safely trying to exploit vulnerabilities. In Penetration testing, cyber security professionals will use the same techniques and processes utilized by criminal hackers to check for potential threats and areas of weakness.
  • A pen test attempts the kind of attack a business might face from criminal hackers such as password cracking, code injection, and phishing.

Staff Training

  • Staff training is not a 'cyber security tool' but ultimately, having knowledgeable employees who understand the cyber security which is one of the strongest forms of defense against cyber-attacks.
  • Failing to do this, they can leave the organization in a position where hackers would be easily targeted their security system the expense of the investment on these training tools might put a reward for the business organization with long-term security and protection.

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