Cloud Computing Applications

Cloud service providers provide various applications:

  • Art
  • Business
  • Data storage
  • Backup services
  • Education
  • Entertainment
  • Management
  • Social networking
 Cloud applications

Cloud applications

1. Art Applications


  • It is used for designing and printing business cards.


  • It allows us to easily design various printed marketing products such as postcards, business cards.

Adobe Creative Cloud

  • It is made for artists , designers, filmmakers, and other creative professionals. Eg: photoshop

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2. Business Applications

  • It is an email publishing platform.
  • It provides various options to design, send, and save templates for emails.


  • Salesforce platform provides tools for service, sales, e-commerce , marketing and more. It also provides a cloud development platform.


  • Chatter helps us to share important information.


  • Bitrix24 is a collaboration platform which provides Management , communication and social collaboration tools.


  • Paypal offers the simplest and easiest online payment mode using a secure internet account.


  • Quickbooks works on the terminology "Run Enterprise anytime, anywhere, on any device."
  • It provides online accounting solution for the business.

3. Data Storage and Backup Applications

  • It provides the secure content management, workflow, and collaboration.
  • It allows us to store different files such as Excel, Word, PDF, and images on the cloud.


  • It provides online backup solutions for our personal and business data.


  • It provides the simplest way to share and track cloud-based backup files. Many users use joukuu to search files, folders, and collaborate on documents.

Google G Suite

  • Google G Suite is one of the best cloud storage and backup application.

4. Education Applications

Google Apps for Education

  • It is used platform for free web-based email, calendar, documents.

Chromebooks for Education

  • It is one of the Google's projects. It is designed for the purpose that it enhances education innovation.

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Tablets with Google Play for Education

  • It allows educators to quickly implement the latest technology solutions into the classroom and make it available to their students.

AWS in Education

  • It provides an education environment to community colleges, and schools.

5. Entertainment Applications

Online Games

  • The most important entertainment in media. It offers various online games that run remotely from the cloud.

Video Conferencing Apps

  • Video conferencing apps provides a simple and instant connected experience.


  • Reduces cost
  • Increases efficiency
  • Removes interoperability.

6. Management Applications


  • Toggl helps users to track allocated time period for a particular project.


  • Evernote allows to save your recorded notesand other notes in one convenient place. It is available for both free as well as a paid version.
  • It uses platforms like Windows, macOS, Android , iOS, Browser, and Unix.


  • It helps to track income, expenses, profits, and losses in real-time environment.


  • GoToMeeting provides Video Conferencing and online meeting apps. using mobile phones or tablets.

7. Social Applications


  • Facebook is a social networking website.
  • It allows active users to share files, photos, videos, status, more to their friends, relatives, and business partners using the cloud storage system.


  • Twitter is a social networking site


  • Yammer is the best team collaboration tool that allows a team of employees to chat, share images, documents, and videos.
  • It is a social network for students and professionals.

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