Security Risks of Cloud Computing


Security Risks of Cloud Computing

Data Loss

  • It is one of the security risk of cloud computing. It is also known as Data leakage.
  • Data loss is the process in which data is being deleted, corrupted, and unreadable by a user, software, or application.

Hacked Interfaces and Insecure APIs

  • It is easiest way to communicate with most of the cloud services.
  • In cloud computing, few services are available in the public domain. These services are accessed by third parties. so these services easily harmed and hacked by hackers.

Data Breach

  • It is the process in which the confidential data is accessed , viewed, or stolen by the third party without any authorization, so organization's data is hacked by the hackers.

Vendor lock-in

  • It is the biggest security risks in cloud computing.
  • As different vendors provide different platforms, It can be very difficult to move one cloud to another.

Increased complexity strains IT staff

  • Migrating, integrating, and operating the cloud services is complex for the IT staff..

Spectre & Meltdown

  • Spectre & Meltdown allows programs to view and steal data which is currently processed on computer.
  • It can run on personal computers, mobile devices, and in the cloud.

Denial of Service (DoS) attacks

  • This attacks occur when the system receives too much traffic to buffer the server.
  • Mostly, DoS attackers target web servers of large organizations such as banking sectors, media companies, and government organizations.

Account hijacking

  • It is a serious security risk in cloud computing. It is the process in which individual user's or organization's cloud account (bank account, e-mail account, and social media account) is stolen by hackers.
  • The hackers use the stolen account to perform unauthorized activities.

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