Hybrid Cloud

  • It is a combination of public and private clouds.
  • The aim is to create a well-managed , unified, automated and computing environment.
  • In the Hybrid cloud, non-critical activities are performed by the public cloud and critical activities are performed by the private cloud.
  • It is used in finance, healthcare.
  • The best Cloud Provider companies

Hybrid Cloud

Advantages of Hybrid Cloud

Flexible and secure

  • It provides flexible resources and secure resources.

Cost effective

  • The cost is less than the private cloud. It helps organizations to save costs for both infrastructure and application support.
  • It offers the highlights of both the public as well as the private cloud. A crossover cloud is competent of adjusting to the requests that each company needs for space, memory, and framework.


  • Critical activities are performed by the private cloud. so the hybrid cloud is secure.

Risk Management

  • It gives an amazing way for companies to manage the risk.

Disadvantages of Hybrid Cloud

Networking issues

  • In the Hybrid Cloud - very complex network.

Infrastructure Compatibility

  • Infrastructure compatibility is the major issue in a hybrid cloud. With dual-levels of infrastructure, a private cloud controls the company, and a public cloud does not, so there is a possibility that they are running in separate stacks.


  • It depends on the cloud service provider.

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