Private Cloud

  • Private Cloud is called internal cloud.
  • It provides computing services to a private internal network and selected users instead of the general public.
  • It provides a high level of security.
  • Example: HP Data Centers, Microsoft , Elastra-private cloud

Private Cloud

Advantages of Private cloud

More Control

  • It has more control of their resources.

Security & privacy

  • To improve a security level as compared to the public cloud.

Improved performance

  • To improve speed and space capacity.

Disadvantages of Private Cloud

High cost

  • The cost is Very higher because setup and maintain hardware resources are costly.

Restricted area of operations

  • It is accessible within the organization, so the area of operations is limited.

Limited scalability

  • Scalability is very limited.

Skilled people

  • Skilled people are required to managing and operating cloud services.

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