Software Virtualization

  • Managing applications and distribution becomes a typical task for IT Departments. Installation procedure differs from application to application.
  • Software virtualization is like a virtualization but able to abstract the software installation procedure and create virtual software installation.
  • Virtualized software is an application that will be "installed" into its own self-contained unit.
  • VMware software, virtual box is an example of software virtualization.
 software virtualization

Software Virtualization

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Operating system

  • It facilitating multiple OS on the local OS.

Application virtualization

  • It facilitating individual applications in a virtual environment separate from the local OS.

Service virtualization

  • It facilitating specific processes and services related to a particular application.


  • Client Deployments Become Easier - Copying a file to a workstation or linking a file in a network then we can easily install virtual software.
  • Easy to manage
  • Software Migration - With the help of virtualized software environment the migration becomes easier.


  • Security risk
  • High cost
  • It creates availability and scalability issues.

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