Community Cloud

  • Community cloud is access by a group of several organizations to share the information.
  • It is operated by one or more organizations in the community.
  • Example: Our government organization.
 Community Cloud

Community Cloud

Advantages of Community Cloud

Cost effective

  • Community cloud is cost effective because the whole cloud is shared between several organizations or a community.

Flexible and Scalable

  • The community cloud is very flexible and scalable because it is compatible with every user.


  • It is more secure than the public cloud but less secure than the private cloud.

Sharing infrastructure

  • It is allows to share the resources, infrastructure, and other capabilities among several organizations.

Disadvantages of Community Cloud

  • Its not good choice for organization.
  • Adoption data is slow.
  • The data stored amount is fixed.
  • Sharing responsibilities among organizations is difficult.
  • It is very costly than the public cloud.

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