Software as a Service

  • It’s also known as "On-Demand Software". It is a software distribution model.
  • The services are hosted by a cloud service provider.
  • These are available to end-users via the internet. So, the end-users do not need to install any software on their devices to access these services.


SaaS providers provide these following services:

Business Services

  • These services to start-up the business. The SAAS business service include ERP, CRM, billing, and sales.

Document Management

  • SaaS document management may be a software application offered by a third party (SaaS providers) to create, manage, and track electronic documents.
  • Example: Slack, Samepage, Box , and Zoho Forms.

Social Networks

  • As we all know, social networking sites are used by the general public, so social networking service providers use SaaS for their convenience and handle the common public's data.

Mail Services

  • To handle the unusual number of users and load on mail services, many email providers offering their services using SaaS.

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Advantages of SaaS Cloud Computing

  • SaaS is easy to buy
  • SaaS services are offered as a one-to-many model means a single instance of the application is shared by multiple users.
  • Less hardware required
  • Low maintenance required
  • No special software or hardware versions required
  • SaaS services can be accessed from any device such as laptops, tablets, desktops, phones and thin clients.
  • SaaS services easily integrate with other software or services through standard APIs.
  • No client-side installation.

Disadvantages of SaaS cloud computing

  • Since data and applications are stored in the cloud at a variable distance from the end-user, there is a possibility that there may be greater latency when interacting with the application compared to local deployment. Therefore, the SaaS model is not suitable for applications whose demand response time is in milliseconds.
  • Without an internet connection, most SaaS applications are not usable.
  • Switching between SaaS vendors is difficult.
  • Without an internet connection, most SaaS applications are not usable.

Some popular SaaS Providers and Services

Provider Services On-demand CRM solutions
Microsoft Office 365 Online office suite
Google Apps Gmail, Google Calendar, Docs, and sites
NetSuite ERP, accounting, order management, CRM, Professionals Services Automation (PSA).
GoToMeeting Online meeting and video-conferencing software.
Constant Contact E-mail marketing, online survey, and event marketing.
Oracle CRM CRM applications
Workday, Inc Human capital management, payroll, and financial management.

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