Infrastructure as a Service

  • Iaas is also stand for Hardware as a Service (HaaS). It is one of the layers of the cloud computing platform.
  • It allows customers to outsource their IT infrastructures such as servers, networking, processing, storage, virtual machines, and other resources. These resources on the Internet using a pay-as-per use model.
  • It need for every organization to maintain the IT infrastructure. It offered in three models: public, private, and hybrid cloud.
    • Private cloud - The infrastructure resides at the customer-premise.
    • Public cloud - It is located at the cloud computing platform vendor's data center
    • Hybrid cloud - Combination of the public cloud or private cloud.
  • It provides the following services -
    • Compute: Computing as a Service includes virtual central processing units and virtual main memory for the Vms that is provisioned to the end- users.
    • Load balancers: It provides load balancing capability at the infrastructure layer.
    • Storage: IaaS provider provides back-end storage for storing files.
    • Network: Network as a Service (NaaS) provides networking components such as routers, switches, and bridges for the Vms.


Advantages of IaaS cloud computing layer

Shared infrastructure

  • It allows multiple users to share the same physical infrastructure.

Web access to the resources

  • It allows IT users to access resources over the internet.

Pay-as-per-use model

  • IaaS providers provide the pay-as-per-use basis.

Focus on the core business

  • IaaS providers focus on the organization's core business.

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On-demand scalability

  • On-demand scalability is one of the biggest advantages of IaaS. Users don't care about to upgrade software and troubleshoot the issues related to hardware components.

Disadvantages of IaaS cloud computing layer


  • IaaS providers are not able to provide 100% security.

Maintenance & Upgrade

  • Although IaaS service providers maintain the software, but they do not upgrade the software for some organizations.

Interoperability issues

  • Difficult to migrate VM from one IaaS provider to the another, so the customers might face problem related to vendor lock-in.

Top Iaas Providers who are providing IaaS cloud computing platform

IaaS Vendor Iaas Solution Details
Amazon Web Services Elastic, Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) MapReduce The cloud computing platform pioneer, Amazon offers auto scaling, cloud monitoring,
Netmagic Solutions Netmagic IaaS Cloud Netmagic runs from data centers in Mumbai, Chennai. The Plans are underway to extend services to West Asia.
Rackspace Cloud servers, cloud files, etc. The cloud computing platform vendor focus on enterprise-level hosting services.
Reliance Communications Reliance Internet Data Center It supports both traditional hosting and cloud services, With data centers in Mumbai, and Chennai. Its offered by RIDC include IaaS and SaaS.
Sify Technologies Sify IaaSn It is powered by HP's converged infrastructure. They offers all three types of cloud services: IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS.
Tata Communications . InstaCompute It is Tata Communications' IaaS offering. It is located in Singapore, with operations in both countries.

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