Storage Virtualization

  • Storage virtualization is a main component for storage servers. In the form of functional RAID levels and controllers.
  • Operating systems and applications with device can access the disks directly by themselves for writing.
  • The controllers configure the local storage in RAID groups and present the storage to the operating system depending upon the configuration. However, the storage is abstracted and the controller is determining how to write the data or retrieve the requested data for the operating system.

Strorage virtualization

Forms in storage virtualization:


Forms in Strorage virtualization

  • File servers
    • The OS writes the data to a remote location with don't understand how to write to the physical media.
  • WAN Accelerators
    • It will cache the data locally and present the re-requested blocks at LAN speed, while not impacting the WAN performance.
  • SAN and NAS
    • SAN is presented over the Ethernet network of the operating system. NAS presents the storage as file operations (like NFS).
  • Storage Tiering
    • storage tiering analyze the most commonly used data and places it on the highest performing storage pool. The lowest one used data is placed on the weakest performing storage pool.

Advantages of Storage Virtualization

  • It allows for migrations to be performed quickly.
  • It creates better workflows.
  • It allows more than one type of storage array.
  • It is a cheaper option for storage.
  • It allows for the costs to become more predictable.
  • It provides better access to your data.

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  • It requires you to deal with multiple vendors.
  • It can make upgrades challenging to process.
  • It does not always scale to some areas. It still has limitations which must be considered.
  • It does not eliminate data security risks.
  • It may create availability issues.
  • It creates more links for data access instead of less.


  • Using Storage level abstraction, it becomes flexible how storage is provided, protected and partitioned.
  • Data is stored in a convenient location because if the host failure data don't get compromised necessarily.

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